About The Photographer

About The Photographer; Oscar Allen

Want to know the hardest thing ever… writing an About The Photographer blurb for myself. 

I can’t give exact details about who I am as fluently and artistically as I can craft an amazing, empowering boudoir session… but I can speak passionately, because passion is who I am. 

I am a dad. I’m a husband. I’m an artist. 

That’s it. Kidding. 

I have two beautiful and amazing, strong little girls. My oldest is entirely too smart for us, strong-willed and independent. She is the reason I believe that every woman should know the strength they possess. 

My youngest is the wild child. She is beautiful and funny and can both test your patience and cuddle you at the same time. She is the reason you know that life is meant to be lived and experienced, not viewed through a window. 

I am also a beyond happily married man. I am blessed with an amazing and supportive wife, test subject extraordinaire, and some who possesses the strength to push me and everyone around her to be their best. 

So, who am I? I am a gear head, a Canon lover, a coffee snob (ish) and some one who LIVES to tell the story as artistically and uniquely as possible. I believe that every person possesses an individuality that is stunning. Sometimes they know it, sometimes it has yet to be released. 

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My goal and passion drives me to unleashing the joy, beauty and empowerment that EVERY individual holds within them.

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